What is a Smart TV?

smartThis is a question we are getting asked more and more.  It’s the current buzzword in the world of TV’s and electronics.  Last year it was 3D.  Next year it will probably be UltraHD.  For now, Any TV retailer will be telling you about the Smart features of their TV’s.

What is it?

Well, simply put.  A Smart TV does everything a normal TV does but will also let you view media from other places.  A basic Smart TV will usually allow you to plug in an SD memory card from your digital camera so you can view all of your pictures and videos on the big screen.  More advanced smart TV’s will connect to the internet and let you watch video like BBC iPlayer or Youtube.  Even more advanced smart TV’s will let you play games or run apps like Facebook or Angry Birds.  Its like having a computer inside your TV.  For a lot of people this can be very useful.

smarttvCan I turn my normal TV into a Smart TV?

If your TV is relatively new and has a HDMI connection then yes.  You can buy plenty of ‘add-on’ boxes that will give you these features.  A lot of new DVD and Blu-ray Players have ‘smart’ features built-in.  This is actually a better way of doing it because, like computers, the hardware inside a smart TV will go out of date very quickly compared to the traditional TV features.  A lot of the functions of Smart TV’s only continue to work if they are maintained and updated regularly by the maker. This is because the ‘Apps’ need to be modified to cope with changes to services like Facebook and Twitter.  The Internet is a constantly evolving thing and Smart TV’s need to mirror that.

By using a separate box, you could upgrade the smart features without having to buy a complete new TV.

Do I need Smart?

This is a question only you can answer.  If you use services like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter often then this can be a very good way to view content.  It’s also really great to sit a view family photos on the big screen.  Smart TV’s are in their infancy but they are here to stay and will only get better over time.

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