TV Repairs

plasma-tv-repair-melbourneWe can carry out all types of TV repairs.  Contrary to popular belief in most cases it is much cheaper to have your TV repaired than to purchase a new one with the exception of the old fashioned ‘CRT’ types.

On TV’s smaller than 32″ we offer a free quote when you bring your TV into the workshop.

TV’s 32″ and over carry a small initial inspection fee of £20 which is deducted from any subsequent quote.

 We can repair

  • Plasma
  • LCD
  • LED
  • CRT (Although in most cases it isn’t worth repairing due to the age.)
  • Rear-Projection

column2If you are unable to bring your TV into the workshop, we offer a collect and return service at very reasonable rates.  Call us on (01745) 591931 to arrange.

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