We Can Upgrade Your Computer To Windows 10 For £49.99

You’ve probably seen on the news by now that Microsoft have released Windows 10.  For those who aren’t sure Windows is the main brain (Operating System) of most computers on the planet.


Why would I want Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest and greatest version of Windows.  Its built for modern computing and more friendly, robust and secure than previous versions.  For all the details of Windows 10 please visit the Windows 10 Site which has all the details but a few of the best ones include.

  • Much better Start Menu
    No more full screen tiles that really are meant for a tablet.
  • Action Center
    Like notifications on your mobile phone. Quickly tells you about new email and gives you access to buttons to set brightness and volume etc.
  • Cortana
    Personal Assistant like Siri on iPhone and Google Now on Android. If you have a compatible microphone you can just ask cortana a question and she will help you out.

How much does Windows 10 cost?

Microsoft have done something nobody thought they would and have offered Windows 10 for free so long as you have Windows 7 or higher. You have to claim your free copy before July 29th 2016 but after you have, you own it for the life of your computer.

Should I upgrade?

Microsoft boldly states that Windows 10 should run everything Windows 7 and Windows 8 does and in our experience thats mostly true. That being said, If you use your computer for business work or use special programs that may be old then you should wait.

If you’re a normal user that mostly uses a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox then its definitely worth upgrading. Your computer will be slightly faster and more secure than previous versions of windows.

If you use Windows 8 then Windows 10 will certainly be easier to use and if you use Windows 7 you’ll feel right at home.

Can I do the upgrade myself?

Absolutely. Every computer that’s eligible for the free upgrade should pop up a message offering you the upgrade over the next month or two. The standard advice applies when upgrading any computer like this though. Back up your data! Things can and do go wrong so never trust the upgrade to keep everything safe.

Can you do the upgrade for me?

Of course. If you’re not technically inclined we can backup* your data, perform the upgradeand make sure all drivers and updates are installed. We will also inspect the computer before hand and point out any problems that may arise before installing. We do all this for just £49.99.




* While the safety of your data is our highest priority, your data is your own responsibility.  If you do nothing else on computers you must learn how to back up your data and make sure you are safe.
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